Electric Radiant Heating

Electric radiant heating and floor warming has been used for many years and is very popular throughout the world and in the U.S. These systems have proven to be great performers in adding the ultimate in comfort to any living space. They can be designed to heat the whole house or just to add warmth to a cold floor. Some of the advantages of using electric radiant heat are:

Easy Installation -
Install the heating units and wire directly to an electric thermostat. These systems can typically be installed by the "do-it-yourselfer" with final wiring by a qualified electrician.
Adding Warmth to Cold Floors -
These systems are perfect for warming the cold floor areas of your home. Bathrooms, kitchens, sun rooms, family rooms and any other cold-floor areas.
Perfect for Small Areas and Additions -
Electric radiant heating systems are great for small areas where it does not make sense to install a boiler or water heater. This is a perfect add on to a forced air system that will warm your floor where forced warm-air cannot.
Efficient Operation -
Electric radiant heating systems are surprisingly economical to use. These systems enjoy all the operating efficiencies of radiant heating without the standby losses of maintaining temperature in a boiler or water heater.
It Often Costs Less to Install than Water Systems -
In many cases, electrical systems are less expensive to install. Boilers and associated piping, valves and fittings are eliminated, resulting in vastly lower labor and material costs. These systems are easily installed by connecting heaters directly to a line voltage thermostat on a room by room basis. Thermostats can be provided to either heat the space or just keep the floor at a cozy temperature.
Different Products for Different Applications -
There is a wide selection of electric products available to meet most of the different types of floor construction and uses. Radiant heating foils, mats, and cables are typically used in floor applications. We also offer radiant foils for installations in ceilings and panel heaters for drop ceilings.

Electric Radiant Heating Products

Offered by Applied Radiant Technologies

Alcatel cables are designed and manufactured by Alcatel Kabel Norge in Norway to the highest quality specifications. Alcatel heating cables have been produced for over 60 years and enjoy worldwide distribution and approvals including UL and CSA. These cables are the finest cables available in the world today and enjoy many unique features that are not available in most cables. This is a superior product at a very competitive price!

The high quality conductor, which is the heating element, is covered with cross-linked polyethylene. This is attached to the cold leads by means of a patented welded splice. This splice is "invisible" and totally protected from any moisture in the slab.

This cable also has a full length ground.

This whole assembly is then covered with a metallic sheath, unlike most of our competitors. This allows the cable, by code, to be installed in contact with metal. Alcatel cables can be attached directly to the reinforcing wire in the slab or the metal lath under tile installations.

The outer jacket is covered with PVC to complete the assembly, which measures approximately ¼" in diameter.

This rugged design allows the cable to be used in the most demanding applications.

For use in slab or masonry wet bed applications.

Floor Warming - bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, etc.

Whole house heating

Workshops and garages

Snow and Ice melt systems

The installation of Alcatel cables is simple and can be installed by most anyone with final connections by a qualified electrician. The cable is usually attached to the wire mesh in the concrete slab or stapled to the sub floor prior to the installation of the wet bed. Generally, this product requires a minimum ½" masonry wet bed and is not used with "Wonder Board" and thin set installations.

Alcatel cables can be used under most types of floor coverings.

Because many installations are somewhat unique, we will instruct you on the proper installation technique for your application.

The cables are available in standard sizes from 300 watts to 2200 watts which simplifies the design and installation. No field fabrication required.

Safe-T-Flex foils are a product of Scotland and have proven their reliability in the severe Nordic winter conditions as well as many years of use in other parts of the world. Applied Radiant has years of experience in designing and installing foil heating systems for both the floor and ceiling. The foils are sold in roll sizes to fit the job. They are installed in the joist bays under the sub-floor for floor warming and above the dry wall for heating from the ceiling.

The heating element consists of conductive carbon graphite encapsulated in a plastic laminate. Heavy duty copper buss bars run the length of the element, allowing the heater to be cut to length onsite. Electric leads are easily attached in the field.

Safe-T-Flex is sold in sizes to fit most standard joist widths. They usually run on 240V with other voltages being available on a special order bases.


For use under the sub floor for floor warming - This is a great product for retrofitting floor heat to an existing cold floor.

New construction where masonry floors are not being used and warm floors are desired.

Whole house radiant heating with the ability to zone each room - electric ceiling systems are completely concealed behind the dry wall turning the ceiling in to a radiant panel producing soft, gentle heat that warms the whole room.

This unique product is easily incorporated in your project without additional building preparations.

Safe-T-Flex is a roll out element. For floor warming it is stapled to the floor joists below the wood, tile or carpeted floors. Insulation is placed below the element so the warmth is directed to the floor above.

For ceiling applications, the foils are stapled directly to the face of the ceiling joists and are covered by drywall. Insulation is placed above the heaters to direct the warmth into the room below.


The NUHEAT unit is a thin radiant floor heating system designed for installation under most types of floor surfaces. It is similar to a wafer thin electric blanket that can be laid under the tile, stone floor, etc. The mat warms up the floor area and radiates warmth into the room. NUHEAT systems are approved by CSA and UL. NUHEAT can add warmth to a cold floor or heat the entire structure. NUHEAT is stocked in standard sizes and also offers a custom program for odd shapes and sizes.

NUHEAT is used with cementitous underlayments (Wonder Board) and thin set mastics. NUHEAT does not require a wet bed or slab construction.

NUHEAT units can be installed under tile and natural stone with little change in floor elevation.

Floor warming - in all cold floor areas of the home.

Primary heat source. - It is also a great add on to a heating system that is not doing the job.

Spot heating - can be used to heat specific areas of the floor in a room. Examples would be the seating area in the family room, or a workspace under a desk.

Under tile - The mat is first bonded directly to the sub floor with the same thin set mortar used for tile installation. The tile is then bonded directly to the NUHEAT with a second layer of mortar.

The units can be controlled by a floor sensing thermostat, on/off switch, air sensing thermostat or timer. The units are made in 110V.


Electric Panel Heaters
Attach to the surface of ceiling or drop into suspended ceiling grids.
Cove Heaters
Attach to the wall near the ceiling, providing radiant comfort. These are a great alternative to base board heaters.

We would be happy to design an electric radiant system for your project.

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