Hydronic Radiant Systems (Warm Water)

Applied Radiant Technologies features Hydronic Radiant Systems


Embassy Industries has been in the US heating business for over 40 years as a manufacturer of quality hydronic heating products. When Embassy first developed their radiant systems, we were the first company they approached to introduce their product to the American market. Embassy offers quality components for a complete radiant heating system.


The tubing is the backbone of any radiant system, Embassy offers Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) tubing that is manufactured in accordance with strict ASTM specifications and has an oxygen diffusion barrier that exceeds the internationally accepted DIN standards.

Available in 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" nominal I.D. and in coil lengths of 250', 500' and 1,000'.


In our opinion, Embassy manifolds are THE BEST AVAILABLE! If the tubing is the backbone, then the manifold is the heart of the system. Embassy manifolds offer standard features that are just not available from the competition.
Molded in a high density resin, the manifolds are color coded for supply and return. The best looking manifolds available.
We will custom assemble your manifolds to meet the exact requirements of your job. Other brands bolt together fixed length manifolds that end up looking like basement plumbing.
Our balancing valves have flow indicators that allow you to VISUALLY set the flow to each loop. No need to remember loop lengths or do math to balance the system. Can also be used as 100% shut-off valves.
Each loop has it's own shut-off valve. Together with the balancing valves, this allows you to isolate each loop. Most of the competition requires that you shut off entire manifolds.
Automatic air vents on the supply and return manifolds make purging the air out of the system a breeze.
Thermometers on both the supply and return manifolds show the temperature of the water going to and coming from the floor.
Embassy's manifold compression fittings use an 'O' ring to seal the tubing to the manifold. You don't have to be a 600lb. gorilla to tighten the compression fittings to get a leak free connection.


Applied Radiant offers just about any component you need to make your radiant system complete. Most are designed and manufactured in Europe specifically for radiant systems and all have a proven track record throughout the world.

Also Available: Thermostats, Pumps, Mixing Valves, Reset Controls, Aluminum Heat Emission Plates

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