Who is Applied Radiant Technologies?

Applied Radiant is a Master Distributor of Quality Radiant Heating Products

We are a distributor - not a manufacturer. This means that we can talk with you, the customer, directly. We will listen to you, design the system for you, and SELL THE PRODUCTS DIRECTLY TO YOU!!! We will not just pass you off to some wholesaler who doesn't want to deal with you, and we will support you if you want to install the product yourself.
As a distributor, we are not tied into any one particular brand. We pick and choose from among the different radiant products to offer you the very best systems available. We feature Alcatel electrical heating cables and Embassy Industries hydronic systems. 

Applied Radiant Has a Long History in Radiant Heating

Our founders were some of the first people in the US to recognize and import from Europe the new families of radiant heating products. Bob Light was instrumental in bringing Alcatel Electric Heating Cables into the US from Norway. Mark Burnick was one of the first representatives appointed by Wirsbo Company when they were looking for a North American presence over 15 years ago.

Applied Radiant Is One of the Largest North American Distributors


We are Embassy's and Alcatel's largest distributor in the US. Because of this, we buy at the best price and can pass the savings on to you.

Applied Radiant Can Install Your System for You

In addition to being a Master Distributor, we are also factory certified installers and have installed systems from Boston to Nashville. Even if you install the system yourself, our installation experience gives us the design insight and field experience to help you with the "nuts and bolts" issues and questions that you might have.

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